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How to upload photos

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How to upload photos

Post by RajKapoorFan on Wed May 19, 2010 1:30 pm

Uploding Photo

So how wily we upload photo this how we do at…

First you need to open a user on one of this website

Now… how do I upload photos and post on the forum
It so easy
Get to the website I use Photobucket so How show you how to us at.. (The true that the two website work the same)
When I wont to upload photos or even a video I click on Upload Image and video

Then Choosing the file that I wont to upload them.. if you like to upload more then when file just keep the ctrl botton in the keyboard pressed and click on the files that you wont..

After the upload will be done you will see the next page…

Just click save…

After this you going to see this page…

Just choose mark the IMG Code and copy this to the post….
And this it how you can uploading photo

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